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Thread: End of auction

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    Hi Everybody

    I want to thank everybody who participated in the auction from the bottom of my heart. You were all SO generous with both listings and bidding. I know there will be many of you disappointed in being outbid, but I hope it will take the sting out to know that you've made a good contribution to NASC getting off the ground. To those who won items, thank you for your caring and generosity.

    Please make contact with the lister (or lister to bidder) as soon as you can. Try to be prompt with payments so this doesnt drag on forever for Phil. He has a lot on his plate so its a great kindness for him to handle this HUGE job for us.

    Remember...item payment goes to Phil via snail mail or PayPal. Shipping payments go directly to the sender. Make sure you include ALL the information no matter which way you choose to pay. Payment information is in the end of auction rules.

    Phil is going to collect payments per week. At the end of each week, he will contact each seller to let them know the item has been paid for and it is ok to ship the item. So the faster you pay, the less time you have to wait for confirmation to ship.

    I'd like to give heartfelt thanks to Phil for allowing us to use the forums for this auction, for creating, opening, closing (and...err...reopening and closing) the auction. And Mikey too! And for all the work that will be required to collect the donations. Y'all are DE BEST!

    Hopefully we will have a tally soon to let you know how we did, but it seems we broke last year's tally by a mile!


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    Hey, what about the grand total? C'mon, quit holding out on us!
    Oh, I see, the numbers are still coming in...
    And, to PAK, Phil, Copper, Laura (now names are beginning to escape me) and everybody else who dedicated their time and plants to the auction, thanks. Having done some volunteer work in the past, I can only imagine what kind of trouble it was to set up and run. Three cheers! I'm looking forward to next year's benefit.
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