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Thread: Wikipedia

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    I've been posting for a while at Wikipedia and I just thought I'd let you guys know about it. It's a collaborative encyclopedia which is really incredible and remarkably informative and lots of fun to edit... which got me thinking - There's soooo much knowledge here about CP's, maybe some of you would have fun working on the articles on them at Wikipedia. So here are a few you might find fun:

    Carnivorous Plant
    Pitcher Plant
    Venus Flytrap

    To find out more about Wikipedia, check out this page which details what it is and this for how to get started. Good luck and happy wiki-ing!

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    I *heart* wikis. The concept of wikis is REALLY cool and I know lots of sites that use them and it really makes life easier. Speaking of making life easier, the wikipedia is a Godsend when it comes to things requiring varying sources and bibliographies! You can find links to primary, secondary, tertiary sources. And heck, lots of the pages already have a bibliography written out, that along with external links and you are ready to roll! I love it when teachers try to slap you with the "only 2 of the 10 sources can be from the internet" thing and you can use wikipedia for all of them! Worst case scenario, you're at least going to get some leads as to books you can get from the library for further reading on the subject. Wikipedia truely has been a life saver this year for me. Furthermore, they're good for random browsing and boredome alleviation! The system really is a beauty, experts from al different fields can give their input, the info can always be updated, peer review is constantly going on. Kind of a paradox: an extremely dynamic system yet with extremely concrete information. Thanks for brining this up, nrbelex, I'm sure there are at least a few people out here who have yet to be enlightened as to the wikipedia way.
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