Well, the best ones I've seen for sale in california. *I went to the san diego fair in Del Mar, and decided to go to this annual plant shop that sometimes has vfts. *Much to my surprise, they had many plants from a company called Booman Floral (commonly found at home depot). *They had great quality cps, from sarracenia to very large and healthy vfts (the largest traps I've ever seen), and really big pings. *They had a great variety, but no nepenthes. *I picked up a very nice S. minor, and a good looking castebii, with yellow pitchers and fair red veining. *I also obtained a Ping (dont know what species) that was 7" in diameter!!! *The biggest I've ever seen. *And can you believe all theese plants were $7 or less!!! *It was amazing, a truly astonishing find for around here. *See pics at my photo site. *Anyone near san diego needs to hit up the fair. *I'm going back several more times, and I'm getting more plants. *Great food and ladies.

It's in the new chamber album 06/11... all pics were taken with my cell phone.

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