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Thread: Darla floored me this weekend.............

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    we decided to go up to the lake Friday night to camp with friends, big mistake, rain hail and 65mph winds drove us back home(the weather forcast said it would miss us). Saturday morning we get up and go back to do some canoeing and get pics for the paper of the Walleyes Unlimited kids fihing day for the paper. canoeing didnt work, the wind was doing 35mph, made the dredge cuts misseable to canoe on, we gave up after an hour. we went and checked out the new museum(very cool, highly recomend it to any one driving through north east montana) and then procedeed to get pics after the boats started coming back of the big lake and the dredge cutts. was a good day 79 kids went out in 24 boats. largest fish was a 4.9 pound walleye with a 3.7 pound lake trout taking second. kids in one boat threw down their poles in favor of using a net to catch carp in the shallows, they had fun.

    now on to Darla, later in the afternoon, we were sitting in our buddys boat at the campground waiting till the trolling motors battery charged drinking beer and discussing the day. we got lots of laughs by ppl walking by and suggestions on throwing some lines in the "water" to help with the illusion but we were enjoying ourselves and laughed along with them from our "beer garden". anyways at about 6pm the batteries were charged and we hit the dredge to fish. not much action, a buddy of ours caught a 1 pound walleye and tossed it back. after awhile Darla thought Ricky had said it was time to go and reeled in her line. after a few minutes Ricky asked what she was doing that we were staying out a bit longed, she said ok, dropped her line in the water, leaned over the edge of the boat and said(and i quote) "HERE fishy fishy, ive got dinner for you!" not ten seconds later the tip of her pole started jerking. SHE HAD A FISH ON! she reeled in a nice 2 pound sauger, not huge but nice filleting size. us guys on the boat just sat there dumbfounded, she called a fish! well that made our day to bad we had to call it quits that day cause we would have liked to see that again.........................
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    For some reason I am reminded of the mini-series called "V". At one point, a "visitor" (lizard) was looking in a dumpster and saying, "Mousey...." And then he caught one.

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    Haha! Don't you just love it when things work out like that! I know I've had some similar experiences, I'll have to think what they were later as now it's kinda late.
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