Hi i donít know where to put this, so here goes.

For those of you who havnt figured it out by now, i im really interested in arboriculture (trees), in particular oaks.

The area where i live is dry and has a harsh climate compared to many areas in the country, and thus i have a very limited selection of commonly available options that i can plant from the local nursery.
When i originally went to plant trees in my yard, they turned out to be from more mild climates further east. I could not tell that by looking at them and the nurseries dont state the origin areas of the stock. Unable to adapt to my climate, they declined quickly. Thatís why i need seed sources from the general region that i know are adapted to my area. The species i want to plant have the maximum edges of their ranges slightly south me along the Missouri river, where they are very uncommon and difficult to locate (these species in question are uncommon anywhere)

I NEED those individuals from that area to know they will survive for me. The problem is all nurseries in the area dont carry stock from that area- and thus their plants are guaranteed to die here.

The problem is i cant find any place that sells sock from there (southeast south dakota/northeast nebraska/northwest-central Iowa area) and i really want to grow these. Ive looked but i havnt been able to find anything from that source area, so i was hoping to ask you guys to see if you could please help me find it if anything for that area exists, because some one might be more lucky than me. Could you please help? it would be very nice to grow these species. thanks.

The species i want to grow are Chinkapin oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) and Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus) both uncommon in cultivation, and im looking for either plants or seeds