Ok, so we were out picking cattails today.. Walkinf around in a pond pulling them out. Well there was a muskrat in there that must have that it was great to have someone to play with or he was trying to scare us out of there. This thing kept swimming around bumping our legs. I was bent over both hands under the roots of the plants, my fave about 3-4 inches from the water, and the thing swam right through my arms, bumping both of them, and I could see it clear as day. Luckily I wasn't the first to have a close encounter with it, so I didn't scream like a girl (no offense, ladies). It hit one of the other people I work with first and sent her running out of the pond, screaming and swearing. Made for a very entertaining day at work.
Luckily we got enough plants picked for the order, because the place I was picking from was leading right to the 'rats' hole.