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Thread: I found cp's at work

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    Well if you will remember I recently took a job in the Green Swamp. I have been looking for cp's on the property since the first day I started. Me and another guy was working way down this road and there is a junk yard next where we were working. My coworker wanted to look in the junk yard to see if they had anything interesting. I tagged along so I could look for plants and reptiles.
    I was walking along beside the edge of the woodline that surrounds the junk yard, and I found some D.capillaris. I called my coworker over and showed him what I had found. We was somewhat impressed.
    He continued to look around the junk yard and I continued to look for other cps. I found a black lizard, maybe it was a skink. I didn't get a very good look at it before it disapeared in to some bushes.
    We left the junkyard and retuned to work. On the way back I was excited about the sundews and he was excited about some car he found. lol

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    Awesome. I have never found any CPs up here in North Dakota. Might be a little chilly for them here.

    How are you liking your new job?
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