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Thread: Bird experts

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    While working today I noticed that there was a large population of what I believe to be red headed woodpeckers. I looked them up online when I got home to see if they are endangered. I found that they are listed as threatened in some states, but I couldn't find their status in NC.
    I didn't work on the same jobsite that I've been working at, I'm working at a pump station that is in a neighborhood that will be developed as soon as the water plant is started up. Is there anything I should or can do? Is their any organization that I can contact for help?

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    This species is declining severely in some states, and thats the reason for their listing and not low population level. Ats almost crashing. This decline is a mystery because theres no real clear and apparent cause of this dramatic decline. Habitat loss and loss of nesting sites to introduced starlings cant seem to account for it all. This species is generally not a priority at this point and wpuldnt be a big deal, altough its a tragedy spes. with such a big population. Endangerd species cant stop development half the time, and and im not certain that other groups will feel urgency in moving them. They will be displaced, but theres lots of suitable habitat unoccupied by this uncommon species. It wont be short of places to go.
    that makes no logic

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