Hello everyone,

As you all know, hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and left thousands to start their lives anew from scratch. I joined my school's voluntary club to fundraise cash to send to the the victims of New Orleans.

As an effort to help out those very unfortunate people left homeless and jobless, I'm offering to sell the 2006 edition Inland Empire Entertainment book that offers discounts on many everyday activities.

This book offers very good discounts on over 300 restuarants; 140 shopping and service opportunities; 83 sports, movies, and acctrational parks(knotts, San Diego zoo, Castle park, Six Flags, Legoland, Pharoah's lost kingdom and much much more) all in and around the Southern California Inland Empire, LA county, Orange and San Diego counties, and Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. It has offers like $7.00 off up to 6 standard 1-day admissions for Legoland or free adult pass per adult pass is purchased for Six Flags. The list goes on endlessly. There are hundreds of good restuarants like Pat and Oscars, Prestos Pizzas, TGI Fridays, Sammy's Woodfired pizza, Scarcella's Italian grill, Tony Ramas, Oggis as well as every conceivible fast food and casual dining services. It is quite a handy book to save a lot of cash on those everyday day needs and somewhat lavish whims. GREAT for the family. Most discounts won't expire until near the end of 2006 while others last through 2007. The book will come along with a memership card. You'll have to go to www.entertainment.com/register and register to receive full member benefits. Some coupons on the fine and causal dining section requires the card to use the coupon. It truelly is a good money saver. Here is their website 2006 Entertainment. The normal price is $30.00. Our school is offering it for $25.00. Ourschool will try to raise as much as possible, then Lowes Home Improvement will match the money we made and the whole bundle will go to help out the victims of Hurricane Katrina. So if our school makes 10 thousand, Lowes would match the 10 thousand and 20 thousand dollars would be sent.

Please pm me if you are interested in purchasing the book.
This offer is only for those in Southern California.