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Thread: Another lame lighting question!

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    I'm redoing a bunch of the lighting in my collection and I have a couple 20 gallon tanks. So far I have two thirty watt CFs over each of them for a total of 60 watts over each tank.

    Do you guys think this will be enough for good growth? I have sundews and Neps in the tanks, just in case anyone's wondering.

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    It's sufficient, but you should consider getting some shoplights if you have an array of 20-gallon tanks. The bulbs are cheaper and the operating costs are lower as well. Two or three two-bulb four-foot shoplights would light four to five 20 gallon tanks if they were placed close together. Compact fluorescents are OK, but if you're lighting a large area, it'll usually be more effecient to use a few big bulbs instead of a bunch of small ones.
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