I found a heater that is part radiant and part open flame... I think the benifit to that... Is I could sit my extra 5 gallon jugs of water in front of (not nessasaraly very near) the heater.. and they could contenue to dispence the heat when the heater is off... kinda like poeple talk about doing just with the sun... This is the unit:
(I kinda dig the stupid flame thing that turns red for the radiant too LOL) I noticed most of these are not "on/off" they actually have different power levels that they control on their own. So I guess the bigger one would be okay since it'd be downing the output when it is not nessasary. Thoughts on that? They have a 30000btu one, but I think 20000btu (linked above) is enough.. Even though they say that's only good for 800sq ft... It's well over the 12000 btu that the g/h heat calcualtor calls for. I guess it's probably cause most people would use this for their house and keep it warmer than 60 or so....