I started with an old 15 gallon terrarium with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. This terrerium is a classic terrerium for subtropical drosera and pinguicula.

Bottom layer: 1 1/2 inch layer of washed pebbles
Next layer: 1 inch layer of perlite
Next layer: a small amount of lfs
Top layer: 3 1/2 inches of 50/50 peat/sand mix using sketchy years-old peat I found in the bottom of my soil bag container. The mix turned out to be a little bit too sandy and dense for my liking, but due to the lower layers, it is quite well drained, which should prevent some fungus problems that old peat can cause. I got the sand from a landscape place. They said it was silica mined out of the ground with no additives. Sounds good to me. I had to wash it though. The plants are sitting about 8 inches from the grow light tubes. When they get established, I will wrap the terrerium in tinfoil to increase the light exposure.

2 Drosera ascendens plants
These look nice. They still have dew. I am trying to acclimate them to household humidity. They came from a nepenthes greenhouse with 95+ percent humidity and the terrerium has no top. To acclimate them, I put a lid on the terrerium overnight so they get high humidity at night.

1 drosera capensis
I received this as typical, but it looks narrow-leafed to me. It still has dew but the leaves are much shorter than usual. the person who gave it to me said that it needed a re-potting.

1 drosera capensis "red"
This one got accidentally decapitated in transit. I planted the stump in hopes that it will re-generate.

1 pinguicula planifolia
I've heard that this one is tricky. It seems to be settling in okay. It is flowering now. I will need to water it alot because the terrerium drains quickly.

1 fugly clump of etiolated D. adelea that has been inhabiting the bottom of my nep tank for a long time

The terrerium is still fairly empty. I am planning on adding the following plants in the next few weeks/months

D. admirabillis
D. slakii
D. alicea
D. x ivan's paddle
D. anglica hawaii x california
D. capilaris x rotundifolia
D. spatulata
D. madagascariensis
several D. capensis red and "wide leaf"
D. scorpioides
D. hamiltonii
D. burmanii
B. liniflora
D. rotundifolia "charles darwin" (a tropical form)
D. prolifera
P. caeruea

possibly a cephalotus if I have room (doubt it)

No pictures yet. I may post pictures once the terrerium gets established