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Thread: what i;ve learned and where i'm at

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    for christmas i was given a huge 120 gallon aquarium to move my plants into. now that everything situated, im gonna post some of my plants, and my thoughts on them.

    my nepenthes to start, judith finn, so very easy, and very fast growing. probably my favorite plant so far.

    my black dragon, a newer addition. i love it, it grows so nicely and the pitchers look great,

    my truncata, i wasnt sure if it was going to do well in my highland conditions. its not pristine, but its definately healthy.

    birthday preseant from my brother. pretty cool, since its a native here in minnesota. going to make a little bog garden once i take my other sarracenia out of the fridge.

    my dielsiana. i dont have much luck with sundews, but i think im making progress. my biggest goal right now is to get this thing red again. my capensis is everywhere, by the way.

    and finally, my 2 pings- both esseriana. i thought this was kinda cool, i gave one a lot of water and one very little. the diference is pretty neat. i've got about 15 plantlets of these 2 parents growing too... gonna need to find homes soon.
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    very nice! those pings and dews could use more light though. give more light to the esseriana and you will se it will turn into what you see in the pictures.
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