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Thread: Grounding an electronic ballast

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    Personally, I would add a ground... probably by connecting one to the ballast's mounting screw/bolt/whatever...

    and my lights are on a ground fault, not on purpose really but my setup is in my basement and where I am at all basement/outdoor/bathroom outlets are ground fault by code... no issues with the wal mart electronic ballast fixtures...

    but of course ymmv

    edit: JLAP, the 3 prong adapters are a joke really, to be properly used you must remove the screw from the receptacle's faceplate, verify that this point is in fact a good ground via meter, then attach the 3 prong adapter to the receptacle with this screw...

    how many you seen attached like this?.... not many i bet
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    Any other ideas? Common where's the electricians at?
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