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Thread: Acidifying the water

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    Acidifying the water

    I think I've read some place that someone had tried acidifying their water by adding vinegar to it. I'm not sure if it worked. Has anyone tried this? Does it noticeably make the plants grow stronger? Is it a good practice? Are their certain CPs that you should/shouldn't do this too? Instead of using vinegar, wouldn't it be more effective of acidifying the water using carbon dioxide (possibly dry ice) to make weak carbonic acid or possibly just using carbonated water?

    Sorry for all of the questions.


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    ..If your water is alkaline/basic you shouldn't use it period. This means you've got an excess of calcium and magnesium.

    If you're water is fine to begin with and you want to make it more acidic for whatever reason because you think it'll improve growth, don't bother,unless you have old media or use the same media over and over and over. Add a little vinegar. If you are wanting to make "Peat Tea" to improve the coloration of some Sarracenia that's a different matter altogether.

    As far as co2, once it evaporates the pH will swing back up anyway.
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