I had to work a 15 hour shift out of town today and my wife/daughter are out of town as well. I came home to a clogged drain on my bog and the soil surface was under about 3" of water. I promptly drained the water with a drain at the level of the soil surface.
The thing that has me a bit worried is the water color. It was dark, but I had a spotlight on the side of the house so I could somewhat see .. but the water appeared to be a milky color. The side of the bog had some grit on it.. hard to tell if it was dirt or peat/sand.
The only place I can guess runoff could have come from is an area beside the bog - most of this area has clay/very low quality dirt (regular plants have trouble growing in it). There's a trench beside the bog to prevent runoff, but I guess if it rained as hard as the news said it did, it could have flooded.

Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to explain the situation to the best of my knowledge.

So.. I don't have a TDS meter to test my bog water. And I definately can't afford to yank everything out and redo it. After draining the bog, I did top water with a few gallons of distilled water and drain again. Have I done enough or should I repeat the process a few times? More rain is forecast for the next day and a half (and I have taken a shovel to the clay/dirt again - should take a massive flood to overflow again) - might the repeated cleansing of the rains to come be enough?

I also saw on the news that hail was in the storm that passed through ... pretty sure I got some of that, because some of the sarr lids were split/ripped

Any advice/suggestions on the bog would be much appreciated.