I re-configured my closet plant shelves yesterday. Things were growing ok, but the tray of seedlings, while growing well, were nowhere near the size of the ones that I moved into a small pot and covered with a baggie. The only thing that I could figure was that the ones in the pot were closer to the lights.

So I moved some things around and got everybody closer to the lights and added a fixture that was not being used for twice the light. These are 2 of your ordinary 40w four foot shop light fixtures.

The temperature in there is currently at 85 degrees (F, obviously) and I am wondering if this is going to be a problem for the plants in the long run. The seedlings are in a tray with a plastic lid on but cracked slightly. How toasty is this going to get? It is hotter than in the 40 gal lowland tank!

I would rather not leave the closet door open nor do I wish to move the shelf out from there. Is this ok or should I remove the lids and baggies? I know that they can get warm in the wild, but can it be too much? The strange thing is that the central AC is on and it is not that hot in the house.