Hiya All-

As some of you know, I have recently built my Solexx greenhouse which now houses my lowland neps of bicals and raffs (and for some reason, half of the gh now also includes my wife's orchids )

Well being a LL gh, humidity is a big issue. So I went with a gh fogger:


So far it works really well, but its puts out a fine mist (avg. < 20 micron) instead of a fog and the resovoir only holds two gallons. Also it blows a powerful mist of about 10ft. long. So in my 8ft. gh some of the mist clings to the far wall and ceilling (which is kinda nice as their are some water droplets either falling from the ceiling or sliding down the sides of the gh, giving it a more swampy feeling). But the worse part is when it turns on (connected to a humidistat), it sounds like a small vaccum. So it is a bit noisy.

Since the two gallon container that it came with is by far way too small for keeping my humidity up (set at 80%) throughout the day, I have extending its uptake tube (to 5 ft vs. its original of 18") and placed in 1 of the 4 black water filled 55 gallon barrels that I have placed in the gh. After a 24 hour period, the fogger has sprayed about 15 gallons of water into the air.

There is an adjustment nozzle where it can distribute 1.5 to 5.3 gallons/hr and you can tilt the fogger 35 degrees upward or 35 degrees downward.

It has kept the gh nice and damp and humid. With the heaters keeping the gh at around 80-85 and a oscillating fan going 24/7, you can feel a big difference when you walk into my gh here in the Northwest.

I would highly recommend this stationary gh fogger if you have at gh that is at least 8 x 8 x 8. But I highly suggest using a larger resovoir for the water, unless you want to refill the original container several times a day (depending on what your humidity level is set at). Also a pair of earplugs if your gh is right next to your home . . . j/k

Good Growing Everyone.