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Thread: My Highland Chamber Attempt

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    My Highland Chamber Attempt

    This is my attempt at building a highland chamber. It is not finished yet but 3/4 of the way done. If I fail at getting the temps where I want them in the summer I'll just use it as a normal grow shelf. I've still got the add some insulation and panda film to the sides and need to figure out the top for lighting. I plan on using either a large peltier, A/C or refrigeration. Any advice appreciated. Obviously I'm a novice with growing highland neps. However, I'm not willing to change the frame at this point. There will be fans and possibly a humidification device added all though NC humidity usually stays high.

    I built it from top to bottom and its taken 3 weekends so far. I'm still increasing my handiness. Its heavy almost too heavy. I'm really interested in growing highland neps at this point. The chamber is 100+ gallons mostly in height for neps that vine. I currently use power compact florescent lights (6500K) on my terrariums but may sale one to buy something more updated and powerful. Any suggestions on powerful lights that are affordable but do the job?




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    I found this thread pretty neat

    For lighting I would go with either Metal Halide or a couple high wattage compact fluorescent. The Metal Halide would probably be nicer but generates alot more heat and uses alot more electricity.
    A couple of these babies would be nice! You can also buy fixtures from hydroponics stores etc..

    I don't know what to tell you on cooling. That will depend alot on how cold you are trying to get at night. How much of a drop it will be over room temperature etc. As well as how handy you are at rigging things up. I don't think you will get the results you want using peltier cooling.. not for a chamber that size.
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