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I grow D. kenneallyi 'clump form' and D. paradoxa D. petiolaris in my humid hot aquarium and I do turn off the heater for the night. It goes off at the same time as the light does. Thus during the day there is 35C in the tank and at night it drops down to RT which in my case is usually 20-23C. I think the plants love night temp drop they grow very fast and propagate too :-) Never tried not turning the tank heater off so cant really provide any experimental comparison to constant temps 24/7.

Thanks for providing those links!!!! I love statistics! Mind you, my water temp is 95 F, but the air is probably in the 80's. At night they are likely to be in the low to mid 70's when I turn off the heater. I think that as long as I do this consistently and give them time to acclimate, all will be well.