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Thread: Greenhouse neps

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    Greenhouse neps

    I recently setup a greenhouse and would like to grow some neps in it once it gets warmer, I was wondering if there was anything I need (ie. fans, heaters, etc...) that would help the neps grow. Our summers here can get into the 90's and the we had a 5* low the other night. Im basically looking for any tips from others who grow neps in greenhouses.

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    Well I can't say I have lived in your part of the country but sounds like you will need both heating for those occasional cold spells during the Winter AND cooling/venting for the lengthy hot Summers. With a focus primarily on the cooling/venting than the heating.

    Good way to approach it is to get an idea ahead of time what kind of temperature range you would like to shoot for and work from there. Heating in the Winter is pretty straight forward. Just expensive if you need alot. Venting hot air in the Summer is pretty straight forward too but if you are looking to cool the air significantly then it can become quite involved depending on how cool you are trying to go.

    Am I correct in thinking that your humidity is also quite high during the Summer?

    Since you are just starting out with the greenhouse thing I would try not to get too complex initially. Some shade cloth if it is located in the blazing sun through the middle of the day will be needed. Some sort of exhaust fan for removing heat, with perhaps a fogging system to help cool and humidify the air. Or perhaps one of those external evaporative cooler units which forces cool humidified air into the greenhouse while simultaneously pushing the hot air out. For the Winter you probably can keep the chill away with an electric ceramic space heater or two.
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    I do not have as high of humidity as you probably have but i have relatively similar temps. I use a ceramic heater to heat my green house, i use a temp setting of 50 degrees and only use it at night. In the summer i bought a used large swamp cooler for $50.00 and it works good, on days that are 105F+ i add a bag of ice to the reservoir of the swamp cooler. One thing that has to be taken into consideration is that my green house is double wall polycarbonate, if your green house is single wall than it will be alot harder to heat. I dont use shade cloth because if you strategically place your plants you wont need it. I place the plants that dont like as much light on a lower shelf or in the back of the green house and i place plants that need warmer temps closer to the heater and farther from the cooler.... A major consideration should be choosing the heater, because if you choose the wrong type you will have to get a second job to pay your electric bill.

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