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Thread: New Terrarium

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    You don't need humidity to grow carnivorous plants, most of them will not die if given conditions less than ideal. Let me crack that myth now!!!!!

    When I first started growing I was in the same mindset you're in now. But don't worry they will be fine in room humidity. Did you know I am growing plants from borneo and the phillipines on my windowsill in average room humidity, I don't mist them either. They grow great!!!
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    Crazycow, windowsill growing is indeed a rewarding way to grow CPs. Take a look at some of my pic threads and see for yourself!

    Windowsill Growing

    Took my collection out for a group shot!

    Of course, I understand that a terrarium is the way to go if you are going to try to maintain CPs in your room - especially if you don't have a decent south, east, or west-facing window.
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