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Thread: When is the best time to start a WI bog?

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    When is the best time to start a WI bog?

    I would really like to start a bog, but I don't how it would take to a Southern Wisconsin climate. I would like to have some dionaea, sarracenia and drosera if that will work. I know from reading the forums that flytraps don't like to freeze for to long........ please help

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    Wow a Madison person. I'm in Milwaukee. Are you digging it into the ground? If you do that then you won't be able to do anything til it gets warmer anyways because the ground is nice and frozen. There is some plants like S. purpurea ssp. purpurea that grow in Wisconsin in the wild. D. rotundifolia and D. intermedia also. I had D. filiformis ssp. filiformis make it through a winter. Other then that I brought everything else in too late. If you do a in ground bog those should be ok. You can do the others like VFT if you mulch and all that too.

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