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Thread: rip-stop for greenhouse cover?

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    rip-stop for greenhouse cover?

    i was curious if anyone had any experience with rip stop material for greenhouses. does it hold in the humidity? how long does it last in full sun?


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    I imagine this would be like being in one of those canopy's that you can get for the summer. A few summers ago I had one up all year and it seemed to last in the sun. Eventually a drunk college student got caught in it and broke the whole thing. (found his wallet the next morning in it)

    But anywho, the big problem came from rain puddles that formed on the tent and bent the bars. So if you use it, make sure you look out for those forming. The puddles get heavy, and could crush anything you put in there.
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    I've been using rip stop poly for my greenhouse (14' x 24') for 15 years now. I've only had to replace it once about 2 years ago. It is waterproof, airtight and lets in a good deal of sun. It also doesn't turn yellow or discolor over time. I use the product that Charley's Greenhouse supply carries which is very good quality. It's very strong stuff and made specifically for use as greenhouse glazing.

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