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Thread: Am I being an idiot here.

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    Ive never been convinced that terrariums are a great idea at all..
    IMO, the are just a holdout from the 70's who's time has past..

    I dont think there is anything that could be grown in a terrarium that couldnt be grown better outside of a terrarium..the only exception maybe being plants that need really high humidity..but those are rare in the CP world..and there are better ways to provide extra humidity..
    and most CPS dont really require extra humidity anyway..

    personally I wouldnt bother with all the layers..
    I have never understood when books and websites say "put gravel in the bottom for drainage" when you are then supposed to put finer stuff on top of the gravel! which will then quickly work down into the big spaces between the gravel, totally negating any "good drainage properties" the gravel might have had..gravel is only good for drainage if you dont put anything else on top of it!

    I would just go with a layer of real need for anything else..

    and I agree with SK..if you want the "terrarium look" its far better to keep the plants in individual pots, then plant the whole pot in the can cover the pot rims with LFS so the individual pots arent seen..then you can take out individual plants as needed, without disrupting everything else..

    IMO, you would be better off just not bothering with a terrarium at all..but thats just me..
    If you want to grow neps that benefit from higher humidity, an enclosed "grow chamber" is IMO a better can have your plants on shelves, in pots, with light above, then encase the whole thing in plastic to hold in the humidity..much easier to control growing conditions that way..

    IMO, CPs in general arent great candidates for terrariums..
    most do far better outside a terrarium than inside one..


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    I believe a natural style terrarium is a matter of opinion. I see nothing at all wrong with it. It's not any different than a large undrained pot or container. I have two undrained bogs outside. There's really no difference to me. Eventually it will need it's soil changed etc, just like any other container undrained or not. I had a natural style terrarium that I had going for about a year. I had no problems other than my mistake of putting a few species of Utrics in it. I broke it down only because I needed the room. I allowed the water level to stay fairly high as well. When it went down I'd water again.

    It sounds like to me you are doing everything right. Good luck!

    Again I really believe it's a matter of opinion. It's a shame more people aren't willing to give it a go. They really can be nice.

    Where do we go when we just don't know,
    And how do we relight the flame when it's cold?
    Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing,
    And when will we learn to control?

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    Thank you guys. I forgot to mention, the Nep is in a small pot :P. I also dug in around he sides and removed some of the sand and the little that was left, I then worked into the expanded clay at the bottom and some into the mix. I know what you mean about the green stuff on the moss being Alage as I use to keep and breed tree frogs, but this stuff grows, then puts up little pollop tendrils. I cut a few off and put them outside with my few highlanders, Sarrs and Dio, in a tray of finely cut up spag and sure enough, it started to spread. It was really slow at first, but now it's like wildfire.

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