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Thread: TC deflasking help

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    TC deflasking help

    Today i received a small shipment of recently (2-3 days ago) deflasked TC carnivorous plants from varying genus'.
    As expected, I have done some research, and know that they need to be kept in humid, shaded, and medium temp environments and slowly acclimatatized, but this is my first attempt at TC acclimatizing and I do have a few questions:

    Firstly, the plants have been deflasked already. The agar has been rinsed off them, and they have been fungicided. They spent a week in the post from another country, and two days in a box in the NZ post. So far, they have survived.
    At the moment, they are in ziplock bags, between sheets of damp, sterile tissue paper.
    My first question is whether I should quickly pot them up and then reseal them, before beginning the acclimatization process, or acclimatise them while they are still in the bag and pot them when they are 'adapted'?

    Also, how much light should I begin them with? I know they are not used to using light, but I assume that they will need light to 'feed' now that the agar is gone - but how much light? And how long until I can up it - a little more light each week, every second week, every 3 days?

    Also, how should I go about humidity incresing? Open the baggie just a little bit every few days? Like 1/2 an inch every three days or something?

    Help greatly appreciated.
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