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Thread: Mass Death

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    A safe indoor method I've used to control aphids and scale is rubbing alcohol. Either wet a cloth and wipe away the bugs, or use a dilution of alcohol and water (50% or so) and thoroughly mist the leaves. I try to avoid getting any alcohol in the soil while I do it, but I don't think it makes a huge difference to the plant; I just don't want to kill any of the soil fauna. Misting won't get them all, but it makes life hard enough that they don't really spread much if you do it once or twice a week. Especially for intricate, leafy plants like D. capensis, it's a valuable way to keep pests under control until the plants can be taken outside and a systemic insecticide applied.
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    I'm gonna try a fan first I think, I donno of any place to get Physan or Neem locally and I haven't seen any bugs on my plants. The water seems to be ok, if it was bad water I'd imagine all my plants would be suffering -- my tropical droseras aren't really being affected. That leads me to think "heat" as that's the major change that's happened lately. Hopefully the adjusted positioning (the black tray is now perpendicular to the window with the Adelae pots in front, providing shade to the much shorter pots in back) will keep the temperatures lower in the back.

    One thing I do wish I had had time to get a snapshot of was the Adelae from about 2-3 weeks ago. For a while there it had decided to turn a weird purple color, but that's leveled out, mostly. I think it was just adjusting to the lights.

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