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Thread: Metal Halides and timers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frilleon View Post
    Well for me it can be a while! I have 6 lizard cages and a fish tank. a grow rack with lights, 2 terrariums with lights and ultrasonic fogger. Not to mention the power stip is always in a hard to reach place!
    mine is in an easy spot to reach on the are my thoughts on the dial timers versus the digital.......i have yet to have one of the dial ones sure it will happen at some point but at the moment ive got one that is about 6 years old and never had an issue......with my luck if i switch to a digital one the power is going to blink and the backup battery is gonna be dead cause i forgot to replace it and all the sudden while im gone for a 5 day vacation my plants will have no lights....with the dials sure the cycle may be off a couple hours and may not shut off till 1 am or some darn thing but atleast my plants will be getting their normal amount of light once the power kicks back on....course knowing my luck the dial one is going to fail as soon as i skip town aswell but the dial one has proven i can pretty well forget about them other than to spin the dial to the correct time when the power goes out....

    i also dealt with the timer being in a PITA spot while at the old house.......wont do that again, ill run an extra cord so i can put it in an easy to reach spot before ill hide it again......
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    Yup, that would be the one.



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