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Thread: My NEW!-ish Bog Garden [Strawberry Pot]

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    My NEW!-ish Bog Garden [Strawberry Pot]

    About a month ago I posted a question about a 'strange spike thingy,' regarding the mini bog garden in this post. Since this is a photo post, and not a question, I decided to start a new one, and will update this post as my little pot grows along. I think this might be a subject for people to follow, as I have not yet seen anybody growing CPs in a strawberry pot as I have. Some people had thought that the plants would not receive enough water, but so far that has not been a problem. I'll detail the setup, followed by some pics, (which are not so glamorous, yet!) First of all, the setup. In the top portion I have 6 medium/large sarracenia divisions, 3 Flavas and 3 Leucophylla Tarnoks. The Flavas are much newer (about 2 weeks in my care) and as such are a bit smaller. I'm really excited for some of the pitchers to open up soon, even though some of them appear a bit deformed (new spring growth?)

    In the side portions are D. Binata ssp. Dichotoma, D. Filiformis var. Tracyii, and 3 VFTs. Originally I had 5 VFTs; 2 Akai ryu lived in the space where the D. filiformis now is. The VFTs didn't ship super well, and have all died back. My typical divisions are finally starting to show some developing traps, but the Akai ryu did not make it, and rather turned to mush. The D. Filiformis arrived today, and was promptly added to the collection in place of the Red Dragons.

    I had previously kept my D. Binata ssp. Dichotoma inside, where they were doing okay, but not producing many leaves. Inside it was producing its signature 4 pronged leaves though, which after moving outside it has reverted to the standard binata shape. This plant has really taken off after moving outside, I can't wait to see it mid-august.

    In order to try and bring some water up to the top of the pot, I ran a thick 'clothesline' type cotton rope up the middle, and left about a foot dangling in the saucer below, hoping for some capillary action to pull water up. So far I have had no issues with water, and everything has really taken off. I am using a standard 1:1 peaterlite mixture, with no fertilizer of any sort.

    Now for some pictures...

    Here is the entire project.

    D. Binata ssp. Dichotoma

    Sarracenia Leucophylla (rear) and Flava (front)

    On a side note: Any of you Clevelanders will be familiar with the 'Midges' that infest our shores for 2-3 weeks this time of year. For those outside of our region, we receive millions of small, mouthless insects that cover everything. As you can see on my D. Binata, they absolutely covered the plants. They certainly got their fill for the time being. My N. Ventrata's pitchers were filled to the brim!

    I'll post updates as things start to open up!
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    Looking great! Good luck in the future.

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    why dodmt i think of this?! Thats genius DJ! Very very smart. It'll look sharp in a year or so!

    Hey, at least those thins are mouthless!

    P.S., your sig says Sarrsacenia.
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