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Thread: Gibberellic Acid Source

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    They sell deutronium (heavy water) too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrWurm View Post
    I was going to point out that they sell granular aluminum, powdered iron oxide, and magnesium ribbon. But then I saw they just sell thermite and the ignition mixture straight up.

    OMFG i know! isnt that %$@#% awesome?

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    Seem like the are just reselling chemicals from Aldrich or other chem companies. Nice for some who wants just a small amount. But a few things on that list could really hurt the untrained "chemist".
    Preparation and Reactivity of the Heterobimetallic ReIr Face-shared Bioctahedral Compounds Cp*Ir(μ-Cl)3Re(CO)3 and Cp*Ir(μ-SC6H4Me-4)3Re(CO)3: X-ray Diffraction Structures and Redox Behavior Polyhedron Volume 28, Issue 11, 6 July 2009, Pages 2294-2300 . Casey Hammons, X. Wang, M. G. Richmond

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