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Thread: Grow Areas of the Summer of '09

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    Grow Areas of the Summer of '09

    All the spots I grow my CP's except the Dormancy Area

    Guess I'll start with the High Land Chamber, there's a little window just to the left which is great to have open in the Spring & Fall to let in cool, humid air.

    The Predator has been vining like crazy! Over Seven feet in all with about three and a half feet of stick with about four feet of green vine...
    Flower Already!!

    Now the cool-growing Terrarium. It seems bigger than a 75 gal, mebbe 95 gal? I dunno as I got it from a friend who originally found it by the curb.
    It's on it's side to give it better air-movement.

    Ceph's and Regias with a Marston Dragon. The species Regia is die-ing back a bit from the warmer temps. Seems to grow best in late Winter to early Spring.
    Big Easy's unaffected as usual.

    Now the Low Land Chamber. Kept upstairs where it's warmer.

    The big stick in the middle is an Ampullaria I got aways back. Just keeps getting bigger and not flowering...
    The other big vine is a xDyeriana I got a few years ago.

    My Landlord has a little Greenhouse & he let me use some space for my Temperates. They Love it!

    In the Winter I bring em inside to the lower level of the HL chamber for dormancy under a reduced-photoperiod artificial lighting.

    S. xCatesbei in the Greenhouse

    And a "Bonus" pic for the fun of it...

    These are Osprey I'm guessing as they're all-over Long Island.

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    wow, nice set-ups. Thet regia I think is huge, and the fancy pots look nice in there. Nice green house, and I love the S. x Catesbei, thanks for posting.

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    Any cuttings to spare? Kidding as always.

    Everything's looking clean and neat, unlike my growing areas.
    "I, for one, can't wait to grow Nepenthes extincta!"
    Plant List ; blog

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    I'm very impressed by your catesbaei! Those are stunning colors!

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