I haven't been here for awhile,
I've became more busy and my current situation makes it hard to grow stuff outside and my windowsills are being constantly touched by my 1 year old sister, and younger brothers(They live in my room that has the only good windowsills long story).

So I'd like to keep a 1.5 foot to 2 foot round shallow bowl bog.
Drosera in the low wet area, Mexican pings in the lava rock holes stuffed with LFS,
and maybe a small nepenthes or something up top.

I'm debating what to do with lighting,
a cheaper ballast reefers use with like 70 watt MH at 10K or 6K,
HPS somhow or halogen.
Halogen would be cheapest but I'm a moron when it comes to CP lighting.

I'd like to go cheap since I'm saving for a reef upgrade,
but on the same time I want somewhere to keep my CPs inside and away from marauding siblings.

Anyways thanks for reading,
I'm still doing CPs not as many but I've got my supposedly impossible nano reef thriving
I'll post pics sometime soon,
100% legal and pretty cheaply done.

I just forgot,
would a couple Cree Q4 6,000K 3 watt LEDs driven with a buckpuck work(with a heatsink and such) ?
They are pretty bright and I could solder an array up.

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I'm going to wait.
Currently I'm still moving around,
but have the money and the time to build a screened in greenhouse when the time comes.