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Thread: Lighting for a 40 gal breeder

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    Lighting for a 40 gal breeder

    I am planning on purchasing a 40 gal breeder (36" x 18" x 17") to use as a terrarium. Now, what I'm most confused about is how to set up the lighting. I googled a few sites and none of them really had what I was looking for. I was thinking of just getting a pair of 4' fixtures or something and using two 40 W T12 bulbs. The overhang of the fixtures over the side of the tank is ok. Would this setup work well?
    Also, I was reading and it mentioned something about replacing the cheap ballast that the fixtures come with with "electronic" ballasts because those use less energy. And it also has a section on optimizing the fixture so that more energy is converted into light instead of heat. Okay, I barely know a thing about electrical-related stuff, so all this sounds overly complex to me for a simple lighting setup. Anyways, I was wondering if all this is really that necessary, or if I could just get by without all those modifications. Or whether there's an even better setup than the two T12s?

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    That recommendation is somewhat dated IMHO, if you go to walmart or one of the big box stores... the economy fixtures are usually electronic based. They have become cheaper to produce and ship.

    I would be more concerned about reflector design.... avoid "strip lights" where the bulbs are fully open and no reflector is used. This is a far far greater loss of efficiency than any magnetic ballast ever thought about being.


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