Hi everyone new to the forum and im after a little help.

I have a lot of Dionaea seed which i am trying to germinate under a 125W Envirolite, which i think is a compact fluroesent bulb.
Basically at the moment i have it suspended about 10-12" above the top of my pots, so i was just wondering what the optimal distance from the pots its for a light of that power?
I did have it closer and it seemed to get the pots very warm up to about 27 oC (80f) but as there in ziplock baggys most of them i think it would be even hotter inside there.

Wether the light could even be hung up to 2 foot away or six inches im not sure.

At the moment i dont feel confident about the height of the bulb and find myself adjusting it every day. so if anyone has any ideas or experience with the sort of lights it would be helpflul to hear from you so i can relax and let them germinate if they arnt already cooked.