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Thread: T8 or T12?

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    T8 or T12?

    Hello. I'm new to the community and have been reading the forums for about a week now and I love it.

    Just wondering if you can give me some insight into which fixtures i should buy. I already have a 4 foot T8 fixture running 2 Daytime 6500K bulbs for 15 hours a day. I want to get another fixture but I'm unsure if i should get the T12 or stick with another T8. The reason being that they only sell the Gro-Lux bulbs in T12 in my area, and not in T8. I know that the T12 is a higher wattage but i was reading that the T8 produces more Lumens, so it's kinda confusing. Do the Gro-Lux tubes produce better results than regular daylight tubes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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    I drew the line at T8, since those can get hot enough; and I was spending far too much time futzing with fans to offset the high Tbs. T12s would simply compound that . . .
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