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Thread: How do you use Laterite?

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    How do you use Laterite?

    So far all I know is that it needs to be mixed with something acidic (peat would be good IMHO) ..

    Once upon a time I used it in Dupla style planted aquariums (I kept the water slightly acidic with CO2)... but never before with CP's.

    I just picked up a 20oz box to experiment with, so hence my question... how do "you" use Laterite (cp's)


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    I mixed some granular laterite into an N. rajah soil mix (LFS and bark) as an experiment once and left it for a year. It didn't grow bigger, faster or more colorful than it's kin but it did not die either. I tried another rajah in Seachem Flourite and LFS at the same time as I had these things leftover from my planted aquarium days. All rajahs I experimented with were basals removed from one big mamma rajah who began making a number of offshoots every year once it hit about 6" diameter. The mamma rajah was potted in nothing but uncleaned, uncut Mosser Lee Sphagnum full of twigs, rocks, dead frogs and everything else Mosser Lee sends along in their crummy moss.

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