....oil heater.

My brand-new kick-***** industrial-sized barn heater's thermostat has been sticking alot, with a teeny temp range, making it go on-off-on-off-on-off... all evening and morning. It finally quit, though fortunately in the ON position. Whew!

Now the good news is that it's under a life-time warranty, and all we have to do is send it back for a repair or replacement. It's in the mail now, actually. The better news is that I actually have a spare heater-- this big, 30 lb, 3 foot high, oil-filled monster. I turned it on, and started monkeying around in the GH waiting for it to heat up and the dust to finish burning off. Boy, that was fast. I was actually roasting in there until I could get the rheostat dialed in. I will certainly have to keep it for backup!

My main two questions are: Is it normal for it to make bubbling noises when starting up? And: Is there anything I need to know that I may not know about oil heaters? I don't need surprises.

I gotta say again this guy really performs!