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Thread: what light and where to get it?

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    typical actnic spectra:

    pretty much void of any red spectra

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    When I bought my used dual 400W Metal Halide the guy was using it for a reef tank and he sent the bulb along with it so I could test it out right away. The bulb was a 10,000K actinic bulb and I may as well have been using a blacklight, it was really dim. I know my eyes aren't the same as plants photoreceptors but just on looks alone I wasn't thrilled. It might be fine as supplementary for plants but I wouldn't use it as primary plant lighting.

    Once I replaced the actinic MH with a 5000k or 6500K MH bulb in it was enough to light the living room and dining room from the bleed off from the lowland chamber! lol

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