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Thread: 2, 4 6, 8 how many T5s will plants appreciate?

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    yes, its the older version
    and the fixture reflector is one assembly (but each bulb has its own reflector section)

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    Thanks despite that rattling line it does sound very quiet. There's kind of a rain sound which I like a lot! Does your pal Use a 5gallon pail as his feed water reservoir or something else I can't tell. Did you ever setup yours?

    After I asked I did find the MDS/diagram on that contractor light and did see it does have an angled reflector around each bulb. You use yours inside the tank with the plants do you not? Have you tried them ontop of plexiglass to see how much plexi or lexan cuts out the heat from the bulbs? Using your light meter did you see if it actually cut much light to use them over clean/dust free glass?

    I've seen on some ebay ads that they are claiming that 6 T5s equals/surpasses a 400W metal halide in lumen output.
    One ad states: "400W MH = 25,000 Lum / 6x HOT5s = 35,000 Lum"

    This sounds great but I had a 400W MH over my old lowland shower stall and it was one hot hombre! It was fine for the LL but I would have seen my HL burst into flames with it. Are T5s comparable in heat to a 400W MH?

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