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Thread: my terrarium..

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    my terrarium..

    is gonna be soo cool. I got it set up with about 3-4 inches of spangum moss, then cased with a thin layer of coconut fiber to help with spawning. I bought a CP starter kit thing from hobby lobby and already planted the seeds in wait of spring (by sprinkling on top of soil). I bought a whole sale mix of pitcher plant seeds and sundews from ebay.. Im just excited and anxious to see how this comes out. Just incase u guys forgot, my dog tore up my last CP garden But its gonna be different this year. Im hoping they grow big and fast over the season. cant wait

    oh yeah, and i seen nepenthes seeds for sale for cheap. Do those start well in a terrarium?
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    I can't speak for how well Neps sprout from seed in a terrarium environment, I got to imagine the warmth and consistent light periods have to help.

    But, I wanted to recommend you find yourself an actual plant, basal, or cutting. If you would like to actually have pitchers in this season, you will want to skip the lengthy years of youth growth and get yourself something that is further established.

    But your terrarium sounds like a lot of fun and hope you will share pictures of it someday!
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