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Thread: holes in glass

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    Herm - agree with all your points - many of which I learned the hard way.

    Jimmy - for backside tearout, use the same concept as when drilling through wood - a backer board (or piece of scrap glass). You'll go through the 1st & start into the 2nd one w/ no issues at the juncture.

    Av - sanding makes sense from a safety perspective but iirc, the small fractures are likely already present and waiting for stress to migrate...
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    yep, yep and yep

    totally agree, IMHO it would still help to remove the sharp edge and prevent any stresses from concentrating at that point.

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    if you look close i did the backer board ,I wedged it under the site to be drilled, but still the last little bit of drilling pushed through ,( it showes in the first pic.)
    I made the well for water from flour salt and water LOL that worked nicely.
    I did better on the second end , and would have done better still if I would have done this before I assembled the pieces of the terrarium, it is custom so i did have the chancebut didnt .
    I think a piece of glass would work better for the backer when drilling glass, much tighter ,and if I drill glass again on another project I'll try that , thanks for the advise.

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    some of the roughness about the holes is the silicone i cut away that isnt the finished edge of the glass.
    its as though the holes have a slight bevel on the last 32nd of inch

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