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Thread: Cold Frame for Starting From Seed?

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    Cold Frame for Starting From Seed?

    I have some sarr. and drosera seeds on their way to me, and I'm either going to have to buy another light fixture (probably T8s, nothing too over-the-top like my current 6-lamp high output T5s), or build a cold frame.

    Would a cold frame even be a good idea for this? It'd be to protect it from critters and rain thumping the seeds and seedlings, and not so much for temperature. Wouldn't it be hard to keep humidity raised while still keeping heat from accumulating? It would be cool to get to use one of these.

    The seeds I have coming are various sarrs and D. capensis, if that matters.

    If you have any other ideas, please share!


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    Unless you are germinating a lot of seed, I wouldn't bother with a cold frame. I found recycled clear plastic containers work fine for germinating seed. But then again, I do my seedling indoors on their own separate shelf under indirect MH lighting. Nevertheless, I'm thinking that how one does stratification and soil sterilization plays a bigger role in successful germination than other factors.

    However, I am no expert. Guys like Av8tor1 or Pyro definitely would know more about this than I would. So, please don't take my word for it. I've just had a lot of beginner's luck.

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