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Thread: First CP terrarium (10/15 gallons)

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    The fact that you are doing a potted/planted terrarium instead of a planted kind and the fact that you understand that different plants have different needs tells me that at least you are on the right track. Too many people go right into a planted terrarium without understanding the level of difficulty and care involved. A potted/planted terrarium will make your life a lot easier without giving you the bare tank look. I would suggest that you use fluorescent lighting of some kind instead of the incandescent "grow lights" that throw off more heat than light.

    Overall, I think you are off to a great start. But great starts are just that, starts. Keep reading; there's more to learn than you can possibly imagine.

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    Oh, I agree with you on that many different types of setups out there. Factor in all the plant possibilities (was definitely not aware of all the species and varieties available) and there's a lot to learn.

    There's always something to learn...something that I've come to expect from keeping aquariums.

    I need to look deeper into what I can do relatively cheap with fluorescents, although I don't want to short out the plants on light. I do see the immediate issue with the incandescents frying everything, especially with a smaller tank.

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