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Thread: Pet's bog start 2010

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    Pet's bog start 2010

    A rubbermaid container, with peat moss. Let's see how it goes!

    BTW, I'm in zone 5B, near Montreal, Qc, Canada...

    Thanks Blokeman for pretty much making the entire thing. :P

    PICS from April 23, 2010

    Front view

    Side view

    Flava var. cuprea that did very poorly last year, showing some promise with this new pitcher


    xCatesbaei, Keehns clone in the front, Carl Mazur's in the back (darker pitchers)



    Now for my all-time faves, S. purpurea varieties.

    subsp. venosa, Hampstead NC

    subsp. purpurea, Prince George, BC with flava var. atropurpurea flower

    subsp. venosa var. montana

    last in the sarr set but certainly not least, subsp purpurea f. heterophylla! (thanks Syble!)

    now for a couple temperate dews, it's so cool to watch them break free of the hybernacula

    group, with some D. anglica at the very top, I kinda forgot they were there too so they're not in the photo...
    clockwise, from 12:00: rotundifolia from Magog, QC? , rotund from Keehns, filiformis var. tracyi, intermedia, filiformis var. filiformis, rotundifolia St Sauveur, QC , and in the middle a somewhat half-dead rotund from HB.

    intermedias breaking free!

    filiformis var. filiformis starting to grow as well...

    rotunds with a glimpse of D. anglica

    filiformis var. tracyi appears to be opening as well...

    and just for fun, some seedlings:

    purp heterophylla and a rubra/oreophila, forgot ID...

    half of my stash of of purp seedlings

    the most promising of my 20-25 or so seedgrown Dionaea, it retained all its traps during winter, and it's colored up nicely.

    and that should be it.

    I cannot wait to compare summer and autumn pics against these, last year the pitchers on the atropurpurea, leuco tarnok, dana's delight, and flava var ornata were pretty sweet

    thanks for looking!
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    looks awsome!

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    very nice. looks really cool

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