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Thread: The Grand RePotting Is Done!

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    haha! nice job
    reminds me of my huge lowes rescue i did a couple years ago

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    Mass: Yes, I did! I absolutely did. She was out with me and wanted to see the efforts of my hard work =)
    And you're right, it's pretty awesome being able to do that. Although once my sister moves out and I claim her room, I'm rigging a terrarium for the Neps. The heat isn't doing them any favors.
    Come on down!! Siesta doesn't have oil on it yet, and we could certainly use more younger people around here. Right now it's like a living graveyard e.e
    Kris: Thank you! ^-^ That's quite impressive, what you did! I wish my Lowes was cool and carried CPs still. No idea what happened with that. I haven't seen any at either of the two Lowes around, the Home Depot, or even Wal-Mart. I know a local garden supply store has what appears to be N. Miranda for nearly 40 bucks, and Selby Botanical Gardens probably has typical VFTs for some stupid gouged price. That's it though. You did a great job though.

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    I would be there in a heartbeat, but I just bought a new $60,000 house. So I'm kind of stuck here until it sells. A vaca is definately doable though!! I just gotta figure out where I'd stay.

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