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Thread: 37 Gallon tank mod part 2: The Re-modification!

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    37 Gallon tank mod part 2: The Re-modification!

    Some of you might recall my project from December of last year where I took the front off a 37 Gallon cube aquarium (20"L x 18"W x 24" H) and put in a set of sliding glass doors.
    I never got around to putting a lid on it and planting it. I decided I wanted a slightly different style of doors and settled on how I was going to do the lid so tonight I finally finished this tank re-mod:

    This time I used white sliding glass track instead of black (hopefully it will be less noticeable) and instead of a top brace I have doors 4" taller.

    Lid design:

    Just a gratuitous shot of sliding doors!

    I stole the idea for the new "door hides" along the sides from Upwhiz - Thanks man, I like this much better than what I did the first time around.

    This tank needs to air out a while since I used the Amazing Goop to glue the plastic track to the glass. Once the smell is gone I will plant it and then it will probably become inhabited by something cool...

    If you have seen me on other forums asking about "things", shhhh! I want the new inhabitants to be a secret!
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    another fine job, swords...

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    Swords, your tanks always look great when you post them up here. I was wondering about the track that the doors say in. Do you us a thicker glass on the bottom to help support the wieght of the glass doors or is the track attached on just one pain of glass on the front. Have you had any problems with the tracks flexing inwards overtime with the temps and humidity?
    Your post really make me miss my old work shop where I would do these kinds of projects for my dendrobates. Mine were never this fancy, great looking tank.

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    Nice work... that gives me a great idea for a ten gallon I've been playing with.

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