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Thread: Sand and washing sand

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    Jpappy: Maybe, but if you're using # 20, then it shouldn't turn cement-like.

    Mass: thanks for the info. I loved that comment on the cement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpappy789 View Post
    I did a 1:1:1 of the sand, peat and pearlite. Do you think the pearlite will help to loosen it up a bit so it doesn't turn cement-like?
    I use 1:1 peat and pool filter sand (silica sand) but also toss in a little bit of dead lfs into the mix, it helps loosen it but retain moisture as well. My plants love it, in 2 weeks my D. burmannii have gone from seedlings to the size of a penny! That's very impressive as they usually take a month to reach that size for most growers. So I'd recommend a little lfs. I only use perlite mainly for my sarrs and vfts as they seem to do better in a 1:1 peat and perlite mix versus sand. Plus when it rains the sand washes out and fills the water trays up and the pots are really heavy, so peat and perlite is a better option IMO for sarrs and vfts. But for sundews, I find they love the sand and peat with a little lfs much better than the mix I use for sarrs. Sundews have much smaller and finer roots so the perlite can hinder root growth and development, whereas sand is much easier for plants with small roots. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the info!

    I actually set it up were the LFS is at the bottom up to the top of where the drain holes are on the side of the pot. It keeps particles from being washed away but as far as I can tell doesn't stop any water from being let out either. But it's not in the actual potting mix.

    I've got a purpurea mixed with dews (intermedia, rotundifolia, filiformis).
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