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Thread: Small plants.. glass terrarium??

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    Small plants.. glass terrarium??

    Okay, I collected carnivors about five years ago. I actually used to come here a lot! But for the life of me cant remember my old user name.. lol. So I resigned up. So, anyways, I don't remember much about these plants, but wanna get back into it. Before I was into the traps and dews. Now I had two pitcher plants..

    Anyways, I got two plants from a greenhouse around here. I don't know the names. But I know they are common, used seen these when I seen some for sale in stores etc. One is green, like a plant, and the small pitchers hang off of it, like their is stems then they haniging. I've seen them usually in baskets? The other is tall pitchers and are purple. I wanted them in a terrarium. So without researching I did what I could remember. Gravel, charcol, spahgnum moss, then peat/spagnum/sand mix with more moss on top. They been alive for two months and now the purple one is crispy. It might even be dead. It looks the same though, just breakable. The green one has no more pitchers, but the plant itself looks fine. So, the other day I went to a craft store and bought a nice big beautil glass terrarium/jar thing to put them in, thinking maybe it needed more humidity. Well, last night reseraching I find out that green one shouldn't even live like that. And purple one might need more lighting? So, should I just not do it? Or just do a smaller one with the purple one? I can use the glass container I bought for something else if I should.

    Please help! Any advice, before my plants die! =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xotink View Post
    Please help! Any advice, before my plants die! =)
    Welcome back. Barry's faq is always a good place to start ...
    All the best,
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    pics would help a lot.
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