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Thread: Temperate bog soil

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    LIL, I looked IN my pots, removed the soil and found a few worms. None under them. 3 pots I checked had absolutely no worms and they were in the same tray. The others had 1-2 per pot.

    So I don't have a bad infestation by any means...which is good.


    . This invites worms to creep in through the drainage holes when it rains. I found a pot with a few in it because of this.

    I'm just going to keep on them. Whenever I see one, out it goes!

    I agree with Growing old, I guess...but I don't think I'm going to change the media on my bog for a while. Moss is growing great on the surface, and I can flood it and siphon away toxins, keeping it clean. It is elevated, and on wheeles. A total of 8 cubic feet.

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    Steve: I found those links helpful and worth reading. Thanks!

    I never knew mustard would bring 'em to the surface.

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    Oh, don't get me wrong; I'm not balking about having to change it, LoL! I am a bit surprised that regular soil degrades so quickly! I thought I had at least three years per batch, maybe up to five years. Huh! Learned something new.

    My real complaint about re-potting isn't about the smell, it's the cold! I'm going to be standing out there up to the elbows in wet, spraying water everywhere and all over me. Brrr! I did it last year with some potted plants, and it was a fun mess. No sarcasm, FUN! But messy, and COLD. I may employ a bucket this time, and just slosh about. We'll see, when the time comes.

    What kinds of sand do you folks use? I just use washed play sand, it seems to work the best, and is really cheap. This batch is going to be ~50% sand, up by over 20%.

    I have figured out something to take up space in the bottom: sawed-off buckets. I have a zillion of 'em, and I'm not using them. I can cut them to size and put them in upside down to displace water and rocks. There will be "inert" rocks filling in the gaps, plus a kind of cloth or some other "stuff" over the rocks to keep them clean and free of soil.

    Erm, I'll need to draw out the details. I'll keep typing for pages trying to describe it all.
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