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Thread: bog plans and questions

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    I'm in zone 6 and really want a bog. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. It looks promising.

    One thing I'm not clear on, maybe because I didn't read well enough, is the drainage pipe(?) on the bottom of the bog, is it just a single pipe going through the middle of the bottom of the bog, or does the bottom of the bog slope toward the pipe?

    And since I'm just in Pittsburgh, if you're ever giving tours of your bog....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
    I haven't uprooted my mini bog plants in a few years... how deep can the roots get on a good clump?
    Well I think most carnivorous plants aren't especially problematic, but some weedy things that are bound to get in - such as dandelions or tree saplings - put down deep taproots. If you're at 18" of depth, some bigger Sarracenia may reach down into the drainage layer.
    For the screen, consider fiberglass window screen - it's cheap, more or less inert, and drains pretty well. If you screen the whole drainage layer rather than just the pipe, the surface area will be far greater than the size of your outlet pipe, so I don't believe you'll notice any slowdown in draining.
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    I would plan to run the pipe the length of the pond.. or make a loop. It would all have a slight pitch to it as well.

    It is going to be about 8x4 so i am hoping to stay on top of weed invaders... though even the small clover that had gotten into my mini bog has been incredible hard to eradicate!

    joe- I definitely am going to cover the whole bottom with the mesh to increase the drainage area.

    It seems like a lot of people have threads of overwintering plants in zone 6... but not many follow ups the following year as to how their plans panned out for them. I must continue the hunt!

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